Skydiving In NZ



When you take to the skies above New Zealand, you are sure to experience some breathtaking scenery, meet some great people and generally have an awesome time.

However, to make your sport skydiving experience as easy as possible, please follow these simple steps:

1. Do your research. New Zealand has many dropzones, but not all of them may offer the facilities, aircraft or jump scene you desire. Please visit our DZ page to find out more.

2. Contact the DZ. It is essential you contact the dropzone prior to arrival, to ensure an easy registration process. Many DZs are busy, especially on weekends, and arriving unannounced may lead to long wait times and disappointment if you can't get on a load. By contacting the DZ in advance you can find out all the relevant information about when to arrive, who to ask for and they can also give you more information about where to stay, local sport jumpers and temporary memberships

3. Get a temporary Membership (overseas visitors) To skydive within New Zealand. you must gain a full or temporary membership to a parachuting organisation. There are two of these organisations operating within New Zealand:
* NZPIA - New Zealand Parachute Industry Association
* NZPO - New Zealand Parachute Organisation

The temporary licence you require, depends on which organisation your chosen DZ is affiliated with. When contacting the DZ you will be able to find out more about their temporary membership procedure and this is usually completed upon arrival at the DZ (not in advance).

It is essential when you come to New Zealand that you bring all of your relevant skydiving information with you, including your licence (if you have one) and logbook.