New Zealand Representation



Do you want to officially represent New Zealand?

It is a proud moment to be able to to say that you have represented New Zealand at an FAI international competition. The NZPF is passionate about promoting our athletes and encouraging people to attend international competitions, putting NZ on the map!

So what do you need to do?

In most instances, you must have competed and won that specific event at the National Skydiving Championships, to be awarded the chance to represent NZ. However due to a variety of circumstances, not all winning athletes or teams are able to go on and compete.

If there is an international competition you wish to attend, you must follow these simple steps:

1. Ensure you are an NZPF member - you can't compete for NZ without having NZPF membership.

2. Contact the NZPF for endorsement. Please provide as much detail about the event including the relevant FAI bulletins, dates, location, pre-requisites and also your experience.

3. Apply for a sporting licence.

4. Provide the NZPF with all the registration information and documentation, as we will need to complete this and have it signed by the NAC. In most cases, the NZPF (after receiving the registration fees from participants) completes the international fee payments on your behalf.

It is important that you complete all these steps in adequate time, to ensure that the event registration documentation is able to be processed in time.


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