NZPF Executive Committee



The team:

Sue Lisa Bonnie Ian

Sue Walsh

Lisa Chambers

Bonnie Kozeluh

Ian Purvis

Skydiving has always been in my life. My parents are both skydivers. Aside from knowing skydivers like the back of my hand, I’ve got some skills to bring to the role… I practiced law in a former life and now I run my own business in Tasman/Nelson. I’ve spent the last 9 years getting into the hearts and minds of NZ skydivers. I started skydiving in Nov 2005.  I was fortunate enough to spend 5yrs at Skydive Abel Tasman from late 2007-2013 and had a ball organising sports skydiving events. I am now currently the Business Manager for INFLITE and over seeing 3 drop zones in the South Island. As a non skydiver I believe I bring a distinctive outlook to the challenges of the skydiving community. I have had both professional and personal experience with many aspects of skydiving, including sport skydiving events, and have professional experience within the tandem industry. I’m a software developer and  I’m honoured to be able to supply all operational software to some great drop zones both here in NZ, and in Australia. The unique relationship I share with these operators has forced me to see beyond the weekend warrior.


Every two years at the New Zealand Parachure Federation's AGM the members have a chance to elect the executive team. The current team was elected in 2019 and are hoping to change things up in New Zealand Sports Skydiving. This is new to us all, but as an enthusiatic and willing to listen bunch, we hope that we can do the best job possible for New Zealand jumpers.