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Your logbook. Your certificate. YOUR responsibility.

How to avoid unnecessary administration

As a skydiver, your logbook is an official document which is evidence of your skydiving history and experience. A skydiving licence is much the same and to jump at DZs across the world, one or both are required.

Recently several skydivers, who have been out of action for many years, have returned to DZs across the country in order to get back in the sky.  This is great, we love the fact that people are returning to our fabulous sport after 15+ years.  However, what is not great is that they don't seem to have a logbook or any licence with them and ultimately this means they have no official evidence of their skydiving ability.  In today's commercial environment, you cannot turn up at a DZ and expect to be provided with a NZPIA licence without the correct documentation i.e  logbook and/or licence from another recognised organisation.  This is the same the world over.  

In 2003 the responsibility for issuing licences changed and it moved from the NZPF to the NZPIA. The NZPF stopped issuing licences over 12 years ago and the NZPIA have been responsible for this ever since.  All those who were current skydivers at the time of the change over, had their licences reissued, but those who were not current skydivers at this time, may have missed this opportunity.  

The NZPIA are unable to provide a licence changeover without the relevant documenation. Recently the NZPF have had many requests for people looking to find evidence of their skydiving history, which they themselves have lost over the years.  The NZPF have had several requests to find evidence of skydiving licences which were issued in the 80s and 90s.  Most of those requests have been met, however the NZPF licencing issue records, for whatever reason, only go to 1993, so there is a 10 year period where the NZPF do not have any records of sporting licences.  We don't know why and can't do anything to resolve this issue but the NZPF have never claimed to be a historical record storage facility.

Please remember that your logbook and your licence is ultimately YOUR responsibility.  All skydivers should ensure they keep their own records and evidence of their skydives, especially for future use.

We have done our best to meet the requests of individuals and the requests made by the NZPIA, but it is important to recognise that most organisations don't keep historical records for long periods of time, so protect your future in our sport and ensure you keep copies of the information that is important to you.