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NZ Roadshow

Skills Camps / Canopy Courses

NZ Roadshow
NZ Roadshow

This summer we are launching our roadshows, which are a series of events taking place at DZs across the country focussing on canopy, freefly and formation skydiving. The coaches will tailor the skills camps to fit the needs of the sport skydivers, so whether you want to work on 2-3 way formation skydiving skills, or progress in 2-3 way head up or tracking, or want to progress with your canopy flying, there will be something for you!

Skills Camps for freefly and formation skydiving are tailored to the dropzone, these will focus on progression and will take place in small groups, suitable for the skill level.

Canopy Courses - novice, beginner and intermediate canopy courses for up to 6 participants.

Dates are being finalised, but these events will be taking place at:
* Skydive Abel Tasman
* Skydive Auckland
* Skydive Ballistic Blondes (Whangarei)

These events are open to everyone but the registrations are heavily discounted or FREE for NZPF members.  Places will be limited and priority will be given to members.

Dates will be released soon on the website and also on our Facebook page.  If you do have any questions please email: