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May Tunnel Camp - another success!

Ifly Downunder - Sydney Australia

May Tunnel Camp - another success!
May Tunnel Camp - another success!
May Tunnel Camp - another success!

Our May tunnel camp took on a different format, as there was so many different levels of experience to cater for.  This time around, we opted for a 5-day event, which would see teams train intensively over the course of 1-3 days, individuals take it slow and build up over the week and for some, hard and fast was the only way!


The progression is phenomenal to see, in such a short space of time.  Newbie Jen Webb who has only completed 8 jumps, dominated the tunnel and was rocking out 4 ways, backslide carves and more in only an hour.

We had lots of individuals attending to work on their progression, Donnie from Skydive Auckland was back (again!) and we also had Stephen and Shuan, locals at Skydiving Kiwis, who came to help progress to their B Certificates and also work on some back fly.

Team Double Funnel came back for their 3rd NZPF camp, working on individual freefly and dynamic skills and some team training, all coached by our amazing iFly Downunder tunnel instructors.

The 4-way aspect of the tunnel camp was covered by Kate Vaughan who coached Tina & the Dinosaurs, as well as a scratch 4-way team over 4 days, with lots of learning, progression and a hell of a lot of laughs too.


Another fantastic camp, we can't wait to see you all at the next one in SEPTMEBER 2015.



Special thanks to Kate Vaughan, the iFly tunnel coaches and everyone who attended.

Next camp is September 2015, dates will be confirmed soon.