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2015 NZ National Skydiving Championships

2015 NZ National Skydiving Championships
2015 NZ National Skydiving Championships
2015 NZ National Skydiving Championships

The NZ National Skydiving Championships are over for another year.  

As usual, the weather gods didn't make it easy!  Day one's howling winds on Friday didn't allow any jumping, but it did provide teams with much needed dirt dive time as they walked and creeped through the various moves.  It was especially important for those competitors participating in more than one event and allowed newbie teams such as the Darkwing Ducks, an opportunity to thoroughly prepare.

The early morning cloud on Saturday had us questioning whether the event would happen at all, but as lunchtime approached, the clouds dissipated and we were left with blue skies.  Thanks to the team at Skydive Auckland, it was go, go, go for competition jumps and by the end of the day we had made a huge dent in most of the rounds and 4-way open was completed.

Much needed MOA beer and generous amounts of fish, chips and sausages were provided as we celebrated a great day.  The night didn't go too late (for some) as much needed sleep was required and preparation, ready to finish the competition.

Unfortunately the weather gods smiled on us only once and Sunday provided a cloud base only suitable for classic accuracy.  Once those rounds were finished we had some fierce competition from the canopy pilots, testing out their Petras and Leias on the tuffet - much to the amusement of the crowds.

Thanks to all the teams and competitors who made the journey, long or short, to attend this event. Of course it wouldn't happen without our team of judges to the amazing Mike Bailey, Crash Bennett, Sheena Simmonds and Ray Williams for all of their hard work and continued support.

Results will be posted on the website soon.