photo-historyThe New Zealand Parachute Federation (NZPF) is the national body, representing sports & recreational skydivers in New Zealand.

The NZPF was originally established in 1959 in order to place some control over skydiving activities within NZ.   As the industry element of skydiving began to grow, the NZPF created the New Zealand Parachute Industry Association (NZPIA), an organisation specifically designed to concentrate on industry related governance.  Although concentrating on different areas, the NZPF and NZPIA work closely together, with the NZPF holding a 50% shareholding in the company and appointing 3 of the 6 Directors of the Board.

While this is not the model adopted by many countries, establishing the NZPIA has allowed the NZPF to continue to regulate, promote, and foster both sport skydiving and parachuting within New Zealand.