Wingsuit Roadshow

A first of many

Wingsuit Roadshow
Wingsuit Roadshow

Our first NZPF Wingsuit Roadshow, held at Skydive Auckland, was led by Jim Scott and Ian Purvis and was a fantastic success, with blue skies, light winds and a range of achievements taking place across only 2 days.

The roadshow built upon the awesome work Jim has been doing since getting to our shores and was really focussed on introducing some standards to NZ wingsuit progression, showcasing the discipline and helping people progress.

The NZPF were covering the cost of all coaches, with no registration fee for members.  So it allowed everyone to get involved from 1st wingsuit jumps and solo flights (Christal Dyer, Paree De La Varis, Chris Fawcett) right through to progression, flocks and everything else in between (Fiona McIver, Jason Burton, Jack Thimbleby and Gui).

There was over 38 wingsuit flights across the 2 days and we're really looking forward to building on this event and getting ready for the NZPF NZ National Wingsuit Championships (Performance Competition) to be held on Feb 6-8, again at Skydive Auckland.

Wingsuiting has been an agenda item for a while, for us and we have been discussing standards and progression with the NZPIA for some time.  With Jim Scott, Ian Purvis and E-Zi on board, we've got a great team to help continue to grow and develop NZ's very own standards and roll it out across DZs.

If you want to get involved in wingsuiting - get in touch and we can help point you in the right direction: exec@nzpf.org