NZ National Skydiving Championships

23 - 25 April 2016

The 2016 NZPF NZ National Skydiving Championships will be taking place at Skydive Auckland on Saturday 23 April - Monday 25 April.

Get a team and get involved in this year's event, there is something for everyone! All you need is an A Certificate, a love of skydiving and an eagerness to have a go.

The events taking place are:

* 2 way formation skydiving (novice category)

* 4 way formation skydiving (novice, intermediate and open category)

* 2 way freefly (novice, beginner and open category)

The dive pools will be available on our website soon, along with registration information and more.

The competitors meeting will take place at Skydive Auckland at 8am on Saturday 23 April.  This is when the specifics of the competition will be decided, including minimum requirements for gold, silver and bronze placings and clarification of requirements.

Team SDK have committed to providing coaching over summer, to help freefly teams prepare for the event.  The novice freefly category is really fun to enter and is very accessible for anyone with a B Certificate.  

The NZPF will also be providing more skills camps over summer for freefly and also for formation skydiving, so get your team together and get involved.

Our amazing FAI / APF judges Sheena, Ray and Crash are once again heading back to NZ shores to support our event - thanks guys!

We look forward to seeing you there.  If you have any specific questions about the event, feel free to send us an email: exec@nzpf.org