Annual General Meeting 2015

It happened. Where were you?

Some members have an active interest in the NZPF, how sport skydiving is shaped in NZ.  Let's be honest, some of you have very little idea about what the NZPF is about and join for the membership benefits and then there is everyone else in between.  However (and this is the big one!) many of you are have questions, knowledge gaps or a misunderstanding on a lot of topics - many, if not all, which were discussed at the AGM.  So where were you?

Those of you who are members and who have opinions.  Why didn't you come along and share them?. 

Those of you who aren't members who are so VOCAL about NZ sport skydiving and what should be happening, how can you try and shape the sport if you don't get involved?

If you aren't a member, you have no voice.  If you are a member and don't show up - you aren't using your voice.

Let's make 2015/16 another great year in the development of NZ sport skydiving, so get involved, share your thoughts and opinions and remember to stay positive.  We are all ultimately trying to strive for the same thing. Let's be a community and a positive voice.